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Your Financial Freedom Is Here Is A Great And Safest Crypto Asset Investment Company Established And Incorporated On ‘9th February 2015’ In Australia To Provide A Great Investment Return To It’s Investors Worldwide Using High-Tech Investment Tools And Regulated Mining Machines. The Company Is Legally Registered And Certified With Registration Number: 09429121

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How Soma Generates Income

Soma Limited generates income and interest through private mining with ease of investors deposits. Soma Limited make use of Premium Bitmain Antminer S9i PRO along with other mining machines at “Soma-Mining-Farm” located at ”85 Mellor St, Gympie QLD 4570, Australia”. The mining farm currently has a capacity of 50MW, having begun construction in 2015 for the initial 25MW farm. It is set to expand to 500MW in the future, which will make it the world's largest bitcoin mining farm.

Bitcoin Integrated Service

Lightning automatic fast transactions. Transfer your funds to your wallets instantly whenever you want - No delay, no extra fees.

Our Investment Plans is a certified investment company in Australia that offers a good investment management services to individuals. We have Two (2) great investment packages to suit your financial freedom. The first package is “Standard Plan” which gives you 3% daily interest for 5 days with minimum amount of $100 and maximum amount of $4,999. WHILE the other package is “Premium Plan” which gives you 5% interest for 5 days with minimum amount of $5,000 and unlimited amount.

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Meet Our CEO

Meet The CEO - Robert Maciver

Robert Maciver has been a driving force in the management and development of the SomaLimited organization. With executive roles as Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Operations Officer, and President, he helped steer the company through a prolonged period of triple-digit growth running up to its earlier stages, investor strategy making & team construction. He has extensive experience in growing and managing regulated businesses. He has held senior, including C-Suite level, management positions across a number of sectors including banking, insurance and finance.

Affiliate Program

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Regional Commission

Our affiliate commissions are very attractive. You can also earn without investing. We will pay you for each investment made by your referrals.

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We’re Legally Registered Is Legally Registered And Certified By UK Companies House.

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